Here you will find news about DjustConnect itself, linked projects, new applications and events distributed by ILVO and interesting articles published in the media.


Fevia identifies transparency as one of the 4 trends for the future of food safety... and sees that DjustConnect can help facilitate data sharing throughout the agri-food chain.


DjustConnect has stepped up a gear. The good results of DjustConnect were presented at a seminar during the Agridagen in Ravels.


The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is joining DjustConnect, the Flemish data-sharing platform that allows some 23,000 Flemish agricultural and horticultural companies to decide for themselves whether to share their data with an external partner.


On the Flemish data-sharing platform DjustConnect, 30 entry and exit ramps are already in use today, through which data transports take place daily, approved and controlled by the farmer as data owner. With this, DjustConnect has accelerated the pace and is helping to make safe and efficient data sharing possible in the Flemish agri-food chain.


DjustConnect is another important step towards administrative simplification for dairy farmers. They can now also have the data from their milk payment statement automatically forwarded to their accounting package.


Data is playing an increasingly prominent role in the agri-food industry and that is clearly noticeable.
On Friday 20 May, DjustConnect is organising a breakfast event at the Agridagen in Ravels. Here we want to demonstrate the many advantages that data sharing can have for you. We will do this by means of concrete examples and live interviews.

In this way, we also want to show you the way to the data highway.


A full house of both real and digital enthusiasts for CHAIN's Over(K)eten event on successful data sharing in the agri-food sector in collaboration with ILVO, Workitects, Flanders'FOOD and Alimento Group and with the financial support of the European Social Fund (ESF) Flanders.


More and more sectors are connecting to the data-sharing platform DjustConnect. The next step in the further development is to make the platform even easier and more accessible for companies and farmers alike - that is what the designers of DjustConnect are constantly working on. "The biggest challenge remains to get everyone on board with this digital story," replies Flemish Minister Hilde Crevits (CD&V) to a parliamentary question from Joris Nachtergaele (N-VA).


With the CHAIN project, we focus on companies in the agrifood chain that want to make better use of digital data by sharing them with chain partners. Technologically, data sharing is feasible, but the organisational component and the impact on workability are still underexposed. CHAIN connects companies, but especially people: Connecting Humans in the Agrifood INdustry.


VILT vzw published an article about the lower contribution of dairy farmers to MilkBE. This is made possible by the digitisation of the sustainability monitor using DjustConnect and WALLeSMART. This digitisation ensures that, with the dairy farmers' permission, data is made available to the buyers of MilkBE for which they will make an increased contribution.


In the autumn of 2020, research institute ILVO started a project for the valorisation of API technology for the Flemish agro-food sector. Partly due to a decreasing number of Flemish farmers, the Flemish agro-food companies are under pressure. Doing nothing in the data sharing and API economy sector could mean a loss of market share, loss of employment and drying up of new investments.


Potato growers can now monitor their crops even more easily and safely with WatchITgrow. To this end, VITO Remote Sensing cooperates with ILVO and the data sharing platform DjustConnect. Just like other farmers who register on DjustConnect, the growers get access to a personal dashboard on which they can approve or reject the sharing of their data. Stephanie Van Weyenberg: "ILVO, DjustConnect and VITO Remote Sensing are taking a big step towards a more efficient and sustainable, 'data-driven' agriculture.


The Flemish datasharing platform DjustConnect won the first prize at the hackaton of Microsoft and Digital Flanders in November with an innovative idea to bring farmers and citizens closer together. In just three days, the bright minds at DjustConnect, Cegeka and DXC Technology put together a demo version of an interactive map, on which farms can be found with their basic business and cultivation data in the form of a digital business card.


What technology can I use to find out what percentage of my potatoes are for producing long fries? How can I make my machines make autonomous decisions to increase yield? Can artificial intelligence help keep my livestock in optimal health? With these kinds of questions about IT and innovation, actors from the agro-food sector can come to ODYC.


Digital applications can be very useful. But if they are not linked to the underlying, larger information systems with which companies already work, they will overshoot their goal. This is what scientists from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) are warning about.


In Smart Farming or precision agriculture, the 'small scale' of our Flemish agricultural and horticultural businesses is a major concern. "It is therefore important to organise our collective well and to provide smart support, so that a large digital platform (such as DjustConnect) is created," says Flemish Minister Hilde Crevits.


The climate scan being developed in the Klimrek project requires all kinds of data. That is why we are now looking into which data can be requested and integrated via the data-sharing platform DjustConnect. Landbouwleven wrote an article about it. 


Developing new products and services, reaching more customers, entering additional markets, providing better customer service, ... these are just some of the opportunities that the data economy offers.


Lately you hear the term "data economy" more and more often. An economy in which data are crucial to develop new products and services, reach more customers, enter additional markets or serve customers even better.


IKM-NET is the first tool which works via the new data-sharing platform DjustConnect. For the 4,000 dairy farmers, affiliated to Integrale Kwaliteitszorg Melk (IKM), this means a strong simplification of their administrative burden. The magazine Landbouwleven wrote an article about it.


After more than a year of intensive preparation, ILVO, together with AVEVE, Boerenbond, CRV, DGZ and Milcobel, is launching a unique SHARE platform for advanced data sharing in the Flemish agro-food chain. The platform is called DjustConnect, a name that alludes to performance and efficiency.