ILVO wins Agoria Digital Society Awards 2022 in the sustainability category with its "Digital climate scan for farmers"


At the 19th edition of the AGORIA competition for the 'Digital Society Awards', ILVO has won prizes. The digital KLIMREK tool running on the data sharing platform DJUSTCONNECT was named 'best scoring in terms of sustainability'.

Agoria award 2022

"We applied with the digital KLIMREK CLIMATESCAN because we felt it deserves the attention of the whole of society. This is a user-friendly digital tool for farmers to produce even more sustainably and to communicate this transparently to consumers. This is a recognition for the agriculture and food sector that is innovative and digital and wants to and can be part of the climate solution."

Eva Maes

The Agoria Digital Society Awards annually laud digital government projects that make the lives of citizens and entrepreneurs more enjoyable and efficient.

Climate impact of agriculture and food sector

Today's farmers make great efforts every day to produce as sustainably as possible. They do so much to reduce environmental and climate pressure. Only, many consumers are not sufficiently aware of this.

"To better guide and, above all, make farmers' efforts visible, the Klimrek climate scan was developed by ILVO, Innovatiesteunpunt-BB and VITO. Based on company-specific figures, farmers can calculate their carbon footprint and wider environmental impact, as well as take measures to reduce them."

Anne-Sophie Sacré

Digital thumb this agricultural climate scan

Moreover, the procedure has been greatly simplified through cooperation with the data-sharing platform DjustConnect, developed by an ILVO data team. It has ensured that the collection of the necessary data is much faster. On DjustConnect, both private and public data sources are made available, but above all, in the process, farmers retain an overview and the right to decide who can use their data. The relevant data can flow through to the climate scan, making it more up to date and correct its climate picture of the farm.

Happy reactions

ILVO immediately passes on the applause to those involved in the KLIMREK - DJUSTCONNECT world.

" This is a victory for all farmers who want to prove that agriculture is at the forefront of the fight for a more sustainable world. One for all the climate advisers helping them along the way. And, of course, for all the companies with a driveway on our information superhighway whose aim is to make life easier and better for farmers. May it be a springboard for farmers and companies to take part in climate-friendly agriculture without extra administration."

Stephanie Van Weyenberg

Cooperation throughout the chain pays off, is the lesson. The Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) collaborated on this project with Boerenbond, VITO, BCZ-CBL, Belpork, Belgapom, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Vlaio and with many farmers who committed themselves as data pioneers.