DjustConnect makes data sharing safe and efficient, with respect for farmer and horticulturist

For everybody in the agricultural food chain, we provide access to available data in a correct way. By feeding data to smart applications administration gets easier and advice tools get more accurate.

For whom?

Everyone who wants to contribute to innovative agriculture through data sharing with respect for farmers is welcome to use DjustConnect.


Farmers and horticulturists

Besides your agricultural products you are already producing a lot of data. Keep control over your data with DjustConnect. You choose who has access to view your data.

  • You decide who gets access to your data.
  • Clear overview on your personal dashboard.
  • You can decide to withdraw your permission at any moment.
  • Data sharing contributes to improved advisory tools and simplified administration.

Data providers

You have useful information that others in the agri-food sector would like to use. Make your data available using DjustConnect.

  • We make your API’s available in the API shop.
  • You reach more potential clients.
  • You decide who you share your data with, the farmer decides if the transaction will be completed.
  • All transactions are legally covered and replace individual contracts with farmers and data users.

Data consumer

You are looking for data to improve your products and services. Register your application on DjustConnect.

  • DjustConnect is the central hub for all your data connections.
  • Ask permission from farmers and data providers in one click.
  • Access to data from the agri-food sector when granted permission.
  • Opportunities to expand and improve your products and services thanks to shared data.

In practice

Administration is a hassle. Data sharing through DjustConnect makes administration a lot easier for the 4000 Flemish dairy farmers. IKM is a dairy quality assurance scheme.

  1. With the consent of the farmer via DjustConnect, data suppliers such as laboratories, control authorities and milk machine manufacturers, allow the necessary documents to flow from the farm to IKM-NET, as data consumer.
  2. Water analyses, inspection of sprayers, advice reports of milking equipment… all documents are ready at IKM-NET to prepare the audit for the IKM specifications.
  3. The IKM-checklist will be completed automatically as much as possible, like Tax-on-web.
  4. The IKM-audit goes smoothly, with less preparation stress and fewer follow-up shipments to complete the checklist.

“The first IKM-audit we prepared using IKM-NET went very smoothly. Uploading bills to send via email, but also the documents that were automatically added to the checklist through DjustConnect, it all went well. The auditor also used it for the first time and he found it an interesting tool.”

Elsy Claeys
Dairy farmer

Do you have a question?

Do you want to cooperate or would you like more information on what DjustConnect can do for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us.