The data highway

DjustConnect provides a digital infrastructure for safe data transport.

Imagine it as a highway, with on-ramps for data providers and off-ramps for data receivers. At each on-ramp there’s a barrier operated by the farmer. Only when they open the barrier DjustConnect delivers the requested data package to the correct receiver. We don’t open the package and guarantee safe transport from start to finish.

This is how it works

Someone has an idea for a new app or tool and is looking for data to develop this.

In the ConnectShop from DjustConnect they can view the different data sources on offer and register as data receiver. They choose the data they need and with a click their application will end up with the data provider.

The data provider approves the idea.

Using the DjustConnect dashboard they give permission for the use of their data by the data receiver. This seals the deal legally as well. However, the farmer will need to give permission before the data is transported.

The farmer reviews the data request in their personal DjustConnect dashboard.

If they agree, the data transport starts. The farmer can stop this transport at any time with one click in his dashboard.

The new app or tool is ready

The app combines the data in a smart way. This improves the advice the app user gets or helps to ease the burden of administration.

Privacy and safety guaranteed

DjustConnect doesn’t store your data. If you want, your data is retrieved from the data provider and delivered to the data receiver. There is no direct contact between both parties. This way DjustConnect ensures safety for everyone and guarantees that exchange of data only happens with permission of the farmer!

APIs? What are they and how do they work?

What is the best way to share data? How can you use technology to make this easy and at the same time highly reliable? Thanks to APIs!

An "Application Programming Interface" can make 2 pieces of software communicate as autonomously as possible.

Code of Conduct

To get permission, a data receiver needs to clearly state which data they want to use and why. Changes who wants to use your data or the reason why, a new application must be submitted This is 100% conform the Code of Conduct on agricultural data sharing.

Do you have a question?

Do you want to cooperate or would you like more information on what DjustConnect can do for you? Don’t hesitate to contact us.