API Certification of Belgian milking installations and milking robots as part of the IKM/QFL audit


This API gives you an overview of all the measurement and advice reports drawn up by certified milking machine technicians during the testing of the milking installations and robots of the Belgian dairy farmers as part of the IKM/QFL audit.

    Interested in these data? DjustConnect ensures that your data request reaches Control. After approval, the data request is forwarded to the concerned farmers. In this way, data sharing is 100% Code of Conduct proof, without managing authorisations yourself. In 1 connection you get access to the data, after approval of the data owner. DjustConnect also ensures that all transactions are legally correct.

    • An overview of all measurement and advisory reports from Belgian dairy farmers
    • Available for the milking machines as well as the milking robots
    • Linked to the PE number of the dairy farm
    • Automation of dairy farm audits

    Which data?

    The milking installation of every IKM/QFL-certified dairy farm is checked annually by a Control certified milking machine technician. For dairy farms with a milking robot, the inspection takes place twice a year.

    Control is the organisation responsible for ensuring that these measurements are carried out correctly. It makes an API available with an overview of all measurement and advice reports of the milking machines and milking robots in operation on Belgian dairy farms.

    Per milking machine or milking robot, you get access to the following data:

    • date of inspection
    • whether the dairy farmer has a traditional milking installation or milking robot(s)
    • whether the installation meets the requirements for specifications IKM/QFL

    These data are linked to the PE number.

    Technical information

    All API's on DjustConnect are REST API's.

    This API can be called with an HTTP GET call and returns a JSON response.

    Mutual TLS authentication (client certificate authentication) is used for authentication. In addition it is necessary to add the following value to the HTTP Headers: "DjustConnect-Subscription-Key" with the key value that can be found in the DjustConnect Portal.

    All APIs are made available through Azure API Management.

    Identification number

    Do you use a number other than the PE number to identify your farmers?

    No problem! Via the DjustConnect Identification Mapping API you can easily link this PE number to your own identification number.