API Measuring and advice report maintenance of milk cooling tanks


This API gives you access to the results of milk cooling tank maintenance performed by a cooling tank technician on a Belgian dairy farm.

Interested in these data? DjustConnect ensures that your data request reaches Control. After approval, the data request is forwarded to the concerned farmers. In this way, data sharing is 100% Code of Conduct proof, without managing authorisations yourself. In 1 connection you get access to the data, after approval of the data owner. DjustConnect also ensures that all transactions are legally correct.

  • Overview in pdf of all checkpoints for the maintenance of the milk cooling tank
  • Available for Flemish and Walloon dairy farms
  • Linked to the PE number of the dairy farmer
  • General information on milk storage (cold chain) and milk cooling tank (e.g. volume)
  • Technical information milk cooling tank and milk guard

Which data?

Each milk cooling tank on a Belgian dairy farm is regularly maintained by an authorised technician. The results of this maintenance are registered in the software package MilControl. Control, as administrator of MilControl, makes the results of this maintenance available.

This API contains both general and technical information about milk conservation. By using this API, you get access per milk cooling tank to a.o.

  • General company data of the Belgian dairy farms
  • General data of the milk cooling tank such as brand, type, horizontal/vertical tank, inner/outer tank, content, year of construction, year of installation, heat recovery, type of cleaning
  • Technical data such as compressors, cooling system assessment, expansion techniques, cleaning, milk monitoring
  • General data about the cold chain at the dairy farm

Technical information

All API's on DjustConnect are REST API's.

This API can be called with an HTTP GET call and returns a pdf response.

Mutual TLS authentication (client certificate authentication) is used for authentication. In addition it is necessary to add the following value to the HTTP Headers: "DjustConnect-Subscription-Key" with the key value that can be found in the DjustConnect Portal.

All APIs are made available through Azure API Management.

Identification number

Do you use a number other than the supplier number to identify your farmers?

No problem! Via the DjustConnect Identification Mapping API you can easily link this PE number to your own identification number.