Parcel information (parcel declaration - gathering application)

Data provider: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries - Flemish Government

Which data?

By clicking on approve, you give permission to send the data from your annual gathering application (parcel declaration) to the apply, the application or the company indicated on the data card.

These are all kinds of data about the parcels: location, cultivations, agro-environmental measures, ... It concerns the agricultural parcels in use on the final submission date of the Gathering Application.

Some examples are:

  • Identity: name, address, company number
  • Location: parcel name and number, agricultural region, region, municipality, area
  • Cultivation: main crop, pre and post crop, production method, status of potato cultivation
  • Agri-environmental measures: grassland, overview of management agreements, erosion

A detailed overview of all shared dates, can be found by clicking on more info.

Use of data under strict conditions

Appliances, applications or companies interested in using your data first submitted an application to the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries. This application was thoroughly checked against the legal framework on reuse of government information. A license was then drawn up for the reuse of government information.

This license clearly states that the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries will only share your data on condition that you, as a farmer, explicitly give permission for this in your DjustConnect dashboard. This permission is only valid for the application or company indicated on the data card and for the purpose formulated on the data card.

Personal data

By giving consent on the use of this data, the following personal data will be shared: CBE number.