Understanding the technical side of data sharing

When sharing your data via DjustConnect, APIs are used. APIs are a simple and standardized way to make your data accessible, while still giving you complete control over the data. You only have to develop an API once and link it to DjustConnect in order to share the same data with a multitude of customers.
Making your data available does not mean that everyone can use it. DjustConnect ensures that people can only access your data if you give them explicit permission.
DjustConnect provides many IT services so your company no longer needs to do them: authentication, consent management, security and privacy, throttling, event notifications, etc. That makes your data-sharing a whole lot easier.

Available workshops

  • Are you a manager, business analyst, project manager or IT manager wanting a deeper understanding of the DjustConnect IT infrastructure and the precise services? We will gladly give you more information, together with an immediate idea of the added value of DjustConnect for your specific business case.
  • Is your company already ready to develop an API, but would you like some more guidelines and guidance throughout the process? Our IT experts are ready to help.

Step-by-step plan

Besides individual workshops, we can also support you with a step-by-step plan where you can find sample code.